Meet & Greet

At Zoomiez, we believe every dog is wonderful in their own way, but not all dogs are suited for our off-leash, open-play setup. To ensure the safety of all our furry guests, we require each dog to go through a comprehensive Meet & Greet before joining our daycare.

When you arrive for the Meet & Greet, please have your dog on a leash or slip lead with a collar or harness, both in the parking lot and in the lobby. The evaluation process will take about 20–30 minutes, during which our trained evaluator will assess your dog. During this time, we’re happy to give you a tour and answer any questions you may have!

Here’s what to expect at the Meet & Greet:

  • 1. You’ll be welcomed by our friendly staff, and the evaluation will be done on-site by one of our trained professionals.
  • 2. We’ll start with an overview of your dog’s paperwork, history, and health.
  • 3. You’ll then be taken on an 11-stop tour of our facility to see where your dog will spend their day.
  • 4. After the tour, your dog will join one of our team members in an evaluation room to observe how they behave away from you.
  • 5. We’ll perform a nose-to-tail assessment to identify any touch sensitivities your dog might have. It’s important for us to know this for their comfort.
  • 6. We’ll introduce your dog to a few other dogs in a controlled mini play area to see how they interact and gauge their comfort level.
  • 7. We’ll also assess their comfort in a crate or suite, used only for rest, naptime, boarding, and feedings (when needed).
  • 8. After the evaluation, our team member will share their findings with you. If your dog isn’t quite ready for open play, we’ll provide recommendations to address any concerns. Dogs are welcome to return once they’re ready for the playroom.
  • 9. The Meet & Greet process is straightforward and designed to make sure both you and your dog feel comfortable. At Zoomiez, we look forward to getting to know your pup better! You can request your Meet & Greet by filling out this form.


*Please note that while we are an open-play environment, we do allow a private nap for each dog in individual crates from 12 to 2 p.m. This rest period allows our staff to prepare meals and medications (if needed) and thoroughly clean the playroom before an afternoon of fun. Puppies often need more frequent naps, and our team is trained to recognize puppy cues, so you may see puppies taking breaks throughout the day.


  • 1. Your dog(s) on a leash with a collar or harness upon entry.
  • 2. Complete your online registration before your visit. If you haven’t uploaded your vaccination records, please bring them with you, or we can contact your veterinarian on your behalf.



We welcome all dogs, regardless of breed, but to ensure the safety of all guests, dogs must meet the following criteria:

  • 1. Complete a Meet & Greet with our Zoomiez team.
  • 2. Be at least 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated.
  • 3. Dogs 7 months or older must be spayed or neutered. Early alteration may be required based on development.
  • 4. Provide up-to-date vaccination records. Required vaccines include Rabies, DHPP, and Bordetella. Some locations may also require the Canine Influenza vaccine.
  • 5. Be in good health, with no communicable conditions in the last 30 days.
  • 6. Be free of fleas, ticks, and any other condition that could jeopardize other guests.
  • 7. Be non-aggressive and not protective of food or toys.
  • 8. Have a complete, up-to-date, and approved application on file.


We recommend that dogs attend at least one day of daycare (preferably three) before boarding to help them acclimate. Evaluation day at Zoomiez is an exciting introduction to our open-play environment, perfect for your pup’s fitness and social life. Don’t be surprised if your dog meets their BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) while they’re here!


Ensuring all dogs are vaccinated against highly contagious and potentially deadly viruses and bacteria reduces the risk of illness. All dogs must be current on the following vaccinations:

  • RABIES: Required by law and protects against a virus that can spread to humans. Vaccinations are required once at 16 weeks, boosted a year later, and then every three years.
  • DHPP/DHLPP: Protects against distemper and parvovirus, starting as a puppy series at 6–8 weeks old, boosted twice at three-week intervals, then annually. Leptospirosis should be included annually due to recent increases in cases.
  • BORDETELLA: Helps control canine cough and must be current.
  • CANINE INFLUENZA: Is not required but is highly recommended to prevent the flu.

Please schedule veterinary appointments 7–10 days before attending Zoomiez to ensure your dog’s vaccines are effective. For boosters (not initial vaccines), check with your vet to see if they provide adequate immune response sooner than seven days.

To schedule your dog’s Meet & Greet, please fill out this form. For questions about our daycare, overnight, or spa services, contact us through our form.

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